Taking advantage of Qatar’s growing mobile market

The mobile market in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East is on overdrive. Together with Africa, the region is second only to the Asia-Pacific with over 600 million people owning mobile phones. If you have a thriving business in Qatar, that would be a strong indication to take advantage of the growing mobile market to further your enterprise.

According to research from emarketer.com, the region has a projected growth of 22 percent. This would hike the total to 789 million by 2019. Two main reasons are fueling the growth—people upgrading their existing phones for the features of new smartphones and the increasing number of subscribers.

In Qatar, over 82 percent of the population has smartphones. Android still has majority share with over 62 percent compared to the 32 percent of iOS. However, for the first quarter of 2015, iOS usage surged by almost 10 percent.

With such numbers, if your Qatar business does not have a plan to tap the mobile market, you may have trouble catching up with your competition. So where do you start?

Mobile app development. In Qatar, 82 percent of people who have smartphones also use mobile apps. With such a progressive market, developing a mobile app for your business is no longer a novelty but a necessity. Mobility can introduce your brand to a greater number of people, can improve your image as a proactive business and increase your profits. A mobile app is like having a store that never closes and constantly interacts with customers. Nevertheless, you will still need a skilled and credible mobile app development team to help your mobile app venture.

Mobile marketing. On the other hand, mobile marketing is a way for your business to have a cost-effective, high impact and immediate method to increase their brand recall and revenue. Immediate is an understatement, since most people carry their smartphones in their pockets, an advertisement sent via mobile phone is more likely to be viewed in a matter of minutes. If the content is further customized, it becomes more appealing to a potential customer and increases the likelihood of engagement. This makes content the X-factor in mobile marketing. Content should be unique, promote customer engagement and updated on a regular basis. Another advantage of mobile marketing is its analytics. The campaign usually comes with details of conversion rates, open rates and click-throughs as well as location services. So you can have a clear grasp on the pulse of your target market.

Once again, however, whether your business is eyeing mobile marketing, mobile app development or even both, to boost your business in Qatar, guidance from a capable digital marketing team is a must. With the competitive nature of industries today, taking advantage of the mobile market boom will be a lot easier with experienced assistance.

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