Blue Synergy Solutions, or simply BSS, is a digital management and consultancy service that is rooted in Qatar but provides support at a global scale. Our focus is developing effective websites, improved social media presence, SEO maximization, online and banner advertising, and other forms of marketing. We also specialize in providing clients with solutions regarding mobile app development. The BSS team seeks to provide clients with an innovative and flexible digital solutions roadmap that will maximize their value and productivity.

The BSS strategy

The BSS strategy operates within the lines of technology and business. Technology has become encompassing that it can transform lives. We integrate end-to-end digital solutions strategies for businesses to take advantage of the possible opportunities that can shape their growth and development. Our approach assures clients that they will no longer need other services or vendors once they avail of our expertise.

Multi-channel e-commerce

Multi-functional websites and social media networks have revolutionized the face of e-commerce. We now live in a multi-connection economy, where companies and clients interact and transact across multiple channels at the same time. Websites can be viewed through smartphones and tablets, social media accounts can be synched with such devices without losing any of its functionality. Our multi-channel e-commerce solutions provides both companies and their clients an opportunity to transition and manage their business and experience seamlessly and productively. Full integration without any hitch or glitch.

Analytics advantage

Data is crucial in any business. Insights procured from data can help make fast yet definitive decisions that are critical to the growth of a business. Obtaining the correct data and analyzing it for essential insights, however, takes utmost expertise. The BSS analytics strategy is centered on using advanced tools and high quality human expertise to provide a detailed analysis on data obtained from technology like Big Data, Fraud and risk analytics, operations analytics, and customer service and sales trends.

The definitive advantage leads to harnessing sophisticated encryption tools to safeguard the integrity of the data about our clients, and the information that our clients use in their e-commerce platform. Any information in pre-consultation, during the process itself and even after the management service is over, is deemed confidential.

Transformative customer service approach

BSS works closely with our clients to reevaluate their customer service performance and formulate an overall strategy that is transformative to both our clients and their current and potential customers. We guide clients to understand and fully grasp the distinctions of particular customer segments, not just in a retail sense but in terms of differences like culture, language, lifestyle and product preferences, and their likely value.

Our transformative customer service approach uses technology to create better service experience for customers, focus on the appropriate set of clientele or expand a client’s consumer base. Using this approach, BSS can efficiently project customer purchase behavior and help clients improve the degree of customer loyalty.

Also, the BSS transformative approach can redefine and enhance customer satisfaction on the transactional scale, as well as in the overall relationship of the customer to the company. Customer needs, queries and grievances are handled appropriately at the correct time by the proper channels. Thus, enabling a healthy customer cycle.