A comprehensive digital marketing strategy serves as a definitive foundation for the overall online marketing success of a business. However, developing an effective digital marketing strategy can be tricky. The industry is volatile and impulsive. Campaigns, which can be considered as a dependable investment, can become an unprofitable approach in a matter of weeks. Hence, the need for a dynamic and ever-evolving digital marketing strategy, which is exactly what BSS offers.

BSS develops the key drivers that will efficiently and effectively fuel the digital marketing campaign. We will initiate a comprehensive research on the industry, competitors and the latest technology, as well as collaborate with the client to create digital drivers that are standardized, automated and performs at the optimal degree. To ensure precision and cost efficiency.

This module utilizes customized components of the platform to determine consumer preference and activities in a targeted locale, as well as across wider web channels, including the more traffic-filled segments like social media and mobile applications. Data captured through various digital touch points, like emails, ad banners and websites, will then be securely and centrally stored to be tapped during the campaign.

With centralized consumer data at our fingertips, BSS will carefully analyze the information to gather insights on the existing consumers and provide knowledge to reach out to potential customers. Since the data is no longer scattered, our clients are given a full vista of their target market. More importantly, it provides actionable insights to amplify the campaign performance.

Actionable insights empowers our clients to create fully integrated marketing strategies that will allow them to deeply communicate to consumers. Leveraging insights, clients can fully adjust to provide the best possible solutions to consumer needs, recommend other products and services. A more efficient retargeting strategy can also be devised.

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Mobile ubiquity. We belong to a mobile era where mobile optimization is imperative for a business to succeed. A mobile presence assures greater reach and accessibility for current consumers and potential consumers, as well as a gateway for additional revenues. BSS assures that the mobile route is always an avenue your business can take.


Our digital marketing solutions can be the cornerstone in making the right decisions for your business. The solutions serve as a framework that provides a logical sequence to ensure the inclusion of all the key activities of strategy development and implementation on every digital touchpoint.

  • Marketing automation- Although a personal approach to customers and prospects is ideal, it becomes impossible and impractical as a business grows exponentially. Problems of redundancy, inflating expenses and inefficiency can arise. BSS marketing automation streamlines the tasks and workflows so a business can efficiently operate and boost their revenues faster.
  • Social Media relevancy-An engaging social media presence can be the deciding factor in the success of a brand or business. BSS believes in a tailor-fit social media presence rather than the typical “flooding” strategy other solutions enforce. Engagement should be organic and sincere.
  • Data-driven solutions- BSS constantly analyzes the data the activities are generating, review the results, isolate the adaptable area and take advantage of the new opportunities that develop throughout the process.
  • Expertise- The BSS digital marketing team is a diverse, highly competent and professional group that combines traditional and the latest solutions with an out-of-the-box mindset.


Despite the central fixtures, we are aware that digital marketing solutions are reliant upon the respective needs of a business and the state of the industry. After all, digital marketing is in a constant state of flux.

Keeping up with a changeable industry may seem like a fool’s errand. But for BSS, it’s a conquerable challenge. It’s a passion. We strike a balance and not just follow trends. We identify what fits the needs of our clients, devise an actionable and achievable strategy, and take measurable movements forward.

  • BSS has a “granular” approach when it comes to strategy and consulting. We take note of every detail. Nothing is considered insubstantial. This approach allows us have a more precise evaluation of your enterprise mobility needs. Because we see what other enterprise mobility services cannot.  Our BSS mobility advisory services team closely works with our clients to develop a comprehensive and customized strategy to achieve their enterprise mobility objectives.

    Strategy and Consulting
  • BSS reinvents the techniques of developing and designing customized mobile applications. Our team utilizes the latest advancements not just in UI design but in data integration and security. Centrally-controlled delivery services allows enterprises to obtain data, use it for its intended purpose without worrying about security concerns. Our testing and quality assurance standards assure that results are as optimal as possible.

    Delivery Services
  • Effective managed services should be convenient, simple but performs at the highest possible standards. This is the BSS gold standard. Our managed services facilitates accelerated deployment of mobile technology through cloud-based solutions. This allows for a more cost efficient approach. However, at the same time you can “pay as you go” regardless of your location. Our managed services also permits you to monitor costs, so you can effectively account for a predictable fixed fee.

    Managed Services
  • BSS has a wide selection of mobility solutions, from pre-built mobility frameworks to customized enterprise solutions. The main effect of our mobility solutions are two-pronged: enterprises optimize their productivity and potential and consumer experience is heightened to the maximum degree. BSS enterprise mobility solutions provides not only room for enhancement in your mobile journey but future growth as you strive to be the leader of your respective industry.

    Mobility Solutions

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