Ecommerce can be a rewarding venture. Actually, it’s a billion dollar venture. In the United States alone, ecommerce sales are expected to breach the $400 billion within the year. In a global setting, the possibilities are endless. However, ecommerce revenues are not automatic. Your business should have a technological and tactical approach in order to be successful. This is where the BSS ecommerce expertise comes in.

Our BSS team will conduct a research on our client’s business needs, their IT capabilities and analyze their intended market to get a firm grasp on how to reach it more effectively. An ecommerce strategy will then be devised. Our BSS team will establish appropriate content, SEO and social media integration, online store functions and processes, and other technical data.

An initial website will then be designed and developed, which includes the functions and the processes, so a client can fully comprehend how ecommerce solutions can affect the operations of their business.

The initial website will then be tested for any issues. Clients can send their feedback. Revisions can be made based on client response and to correct technical issues. The initial website will then undergo quality assurance testing to determine if it meets the appropriate standards.

After passing quality assurance, the website and other ecommerce initiatives that come with it will then be finalized to be launched.

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In order to intensify and highlight the strength of an ecommerce strategy, it should have a glove-fit platform. Our comprehensive evaluation can specifically establish which platform will be best suited for your endeavor. The BSS team is well-versed in the nuances of platforms like Magento, Openkart and SaaS. BSS can also customize a platform if the need arises.

An ecommerce website should be a driving force in a business. It should continuously entice customers, engage them to avail of services or buy products, go back and even refer it to other people. Our BSS team understands the technicalities, aesthetics and even the customer mindset of designing and creating and ecommerce website. And delivers comprehensive ecommerce solutions with pinpoint precision.

Our team is the best in the industry when it comes to integrating website functions and processes with CMS, online store development, shopping cart system and merchant integration, integration of payment API, secure serve connection and other ecommerce aspects.


In an ecommerce marketing startup, data is priceless. Data, when properly obtained and interpreted, can provide helpful insights that will fuel your ecommerce venture. Our solutions include comprehensive use and understanding of Google Analytics and other diagnostic tools which can effectively extrapolate and translate data into actionable information.

  • Balance- Aesthetics is essential to capture consumer attention, however, engaging them and providing consumers with the best possible experience is another matter. A great ecommerce experience includes a balance of a visually stunning aesthetics with intuitive functions that allows consumers to move and navigate freely.
  • Retargeting-Getting potential consumers to the website and enticing them to purchase are two separate tasks, the latter being the more difficult. Often, it is not a smooth process and it can be disheartening to many businesses. BSS is aware that visitors do not buy on their initial visit. However, the succeeding visits are more profitable, assuming the strategy effectively convinces them to return. Hence, BSS has dedicated retargeting techniques.
  • Content Management- In a client perspective, BSS, through a customized content management system, allows clients to alter and update content without further professional assistance. Allowing for continuity without the extra expenses. BSS uses Drupal and WordPress.

Merchant Integration and Payment API

Security is always a concern when it comes to ecommerce websites. Not only in terms of consumer information, but especially when it comes to payment integrity. BSS uses POS, CRM, and Inventory Management and Financial Management to ensure security and privacy. Shoppers can rest assured their information, both personal and financial, is safe through our merchant integration.
An effective ecommerce solution is an evolving ecommerce solution. The BSS strategy is flexible, dynamic and always has room to maneuver for more profitable opportunities without compromising the integrity of the whole campaign.

  • BSS has a “granular” approach when it comes to strategy and consulting. We take note of every detail. Nothing is considered insubstantial. This approach allows us have a more precise evaluation of your enterprise mobility needs. Because we see what other enterprise mobility services cannot.  Our BSS mobility advisory services team closely works with our clients to develop a comprehensive and customized strategy to achieve their enterprise mobility objectives.

    Strategy and Consulting
  • BSS reinvents the techniques of developing and designing customized mobile applications. Our team utilizes the latest advancements not just in UI design but in data integration and security. Centrally-controlled delivery services allows enterprises to obtain data, use it for its intended purpose without worrying about security concerns. Our testing and quality assurance standards assure that results are as optimal as possible.

    Delivery Services
  • Effective managed services should be convenient, simple but performs at the highest possible standards. This is the BSS gold standard. Our managed services facilitates accelerated deployment of mobile technology through cloud-based solutions. This allows for a more cost efficient approach. However, at the same time you can “pay as you go” regardless of your location. Our managed services also permits you to monitor costs, so you can effectively account for a predictable fixed fee.

    Managed Services
  • BSS has a wide selection of mobility solutions, from pre-built mobility frameworks to customized enterprise solutions. The main effect of our mobility solutions are two-pronged: enterprises optimize their productivity and potential and consumer experience is heightened to the maximum degree. BSS enterprise mobility solutions provides not only room for enhancement in your mobile journey but future growth as you strive to be the leader of your respective industry.

    Mobility Solutions

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