The BSS process is as easy as four simple steps that can get you on your way to having the next trending mobile game app. Our BSS team understands how crucial this process is, so we extensively and constantly consult with our clients during each stage

Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of the client’s capacity and needs, the target market and mobile app competitors. The information gathered will then be used to create a project strategy that will be used as a basis to develop the mobile app.

After finalizing the app details, the BSS mobile app development team will create a prototype application. The prototype will then be tested in terms of user navigation, connectivity, for possible flaws and strengths that can be further modified and other technical and visual data.

When the mobile app has been finalized, our BSS app developers will then make sure that end-to-end functions and processes are precisely and seamlessly integrated. The Quality Assurance team will then exhaustively test the application to guarantee that every part and process works cohesively.

After passing the QA, our BSS team will present a final layout to the client. The client can check the application and propose possible amendments. When final adjustments and test are made and everything is working cohesively, the mobile app is finalized for launch.

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Creating iPhone apps requires a considerable degree of technical skills, consumer knowledge and strategic planning. BSS utilizes such skills and incorporates it with the passion to not just develop an iPhone app, but a benchmark for your particular market’s success. Our iPhone app developers go into the root of your aspiration for an application: its brand-building and revenue-generating potential, and the desire to present your clients with the best possible solutions.  We closely work with you during the project cycle, from evaluation to strategy, to development, testing, and through deployment. BSS also provides unwavering support when you need it the most—when the customized iPhone app has gone live and reached its intended audience.

Our BSS methodology is holistic but also cutting-edge and open-minded. We understand that iPhone apps should not only be cost efficient, it should be user-centric and the concept should be out-of-the-box. Because like Apple, we believe that success is achieved when you go beyond your perceived limits.


Customer-facing mobile apps have become a popular channel of interaction between a business or a brand and its customers. Most of the business these days build an app for their customers with the objective to drive engagement, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately get more sales. However, it is not just enough to build an app, your mobile app should also be able to impress customers to help you realize your business goals

  • Value- Your app must deliver value to the customer. It must deliver what it promises. You can deliver value to your customer by providing key, update and relevant information. You can also use gamification techniques to make customer engagement with your app entertaining. And helping your customers perform tasks through your app will also bring value to them.
  • Easy-to-navigate-Your users have varying levels of mobile maturity. And therefore it is important that your provide an easy-to-navigate interface so that all users can use your app.
  • Platform and device compatibility- Customers also expect your app to be compatible to their device. An iOS only app will disappoint Android users and vice-versa. Therefore it is important that your mobile app strategy includes developing apps for all popular platforms.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Overview

Our Approach

In this dynamic era of change, mobility is the stimulus that drives an enterprise to be more technologically agile, professionally flexible and customer-centric. Mobility allows businesses to unlock, untether and unleash their true potential. It is the leverage that allows enterprises to quickly pivot to more productive opportunities without missing a beat.  We offer complete services and tools that promote enterprise mobility. More opportunities. Minimal transition. Maximum returns.

  • BSS has a “granular” approach when it comes to strategy and consulting. We take note of every detail. Nothing is considered insubstantial. This approach allows us have a more precise evaluation of your enterprise mobility needs. Because we see what other enterprise mobility services cannot.  Our BSS mobility advisory services team closely works with our clients to develop a comprehensive and customized strategy to achieve their enterprise mobility objectives.

    Strategy and Consulting
  • BSS reinvents the techniques of developing and designing customized mobile applications. Our team utilizes the latest advancements not just in UI design but in data integration and security. Centrally-controlled delivery services allows enterprises to obtain data, use it for its intended purpose without worrying about security concerns. Our testing and quality assurance standards assure that results are as optimal as possible.

    Delivery Services
  • Effective managed services should be convenient, simple but performs at the highest possible standards. This is the BSS gold standard. Our managed services facilitates accelerated deployment of mobile technology through cloud-based solutions. This allows for a more cost efficient approach. However, at the same time you can “pay as you go” regardless of your location. Our managed services also permits you to monitor costs, so you can effectively account for a predictable fixed fee.

    Managed Services
  • BSS has a wide selection of mobility solutions, from pre-built mobility frameworks to customized enterprise solutions. The main effect of our mobility solutions are two-pronged: enterprises optimize their productivity and potential and consumer experience is heightened to the maximum degree. BSS enterprise mobility solutions provides not only room for enhancement in your mobile journey but future growth as you strive to be the leader of your respective industry.

    Mobility Solutions

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